API Suite - July 2023 Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of API changes for the July 2023 Release.

Enhanced Workflow

We've been working hard on our internal system design and workflow efficiency. The result is an improvement in payment workflow processing time by up to 90%!

While funding is still the driving factor in payment release, you can expect payments to flow more easily through our systems.

New Endpoint - Webhook Retrigger

You can now initiate a request to send all webhooks within a certain timeframe to the endpoints that are currently configured for your integration. Currently, the webhook event entries returned in the API response is limited to 300 events, but there is no limit to the number of webhook events retriggered and sent to the established endpoint. You can view the full documentation on the Retrigger Webhooks page.

//POST /webhooks/retrigger

    "dateTimeFrom": "2023-06-13 01:00:00Z",
    "dateTimeTo": "2023-06-13 02:00:00Z"

New Endpoint - Get Credit Limit

Credit lines can now be queried via API for any customers that have applied and been approved. Total credit line and total utilization fields are available for each customer. You can view the full documentation on the Get Credit Limit page.

//GET /creditlimit/:customerId

    "customerId": "customerId123",
    "creditLimit": 100000.0,
    "creditAvailable": 60000.0,
    "creditUsed": 40000.00,
    "creditType": "Settlement"

New Error Code - Duplicate Batch

A new error code will be returned when a non-unique batch ID is submitted for creation. Batch ID and Payment ID must be unique across a given customer ID.

You can view more information about the new error in Error Codes.

Removed OnHold Payment Status

The OnHold status has been removed from the list of available Payment Statuses to prevent confusion. This status did not indicate that a payment was being held for compliance or other reasons.