API Suite - August 2022 Release Notes Summary

Summary of changes for the API Suite functional release for August 2022

SWIFT gpi Integration

The API Suite is now connected to the Swift gpi network where SWIFT payment status information is pulled back from the SWIFT network and displayed in the API Suite webhook responses, Get Payment and Get SWIFT Status end points.

Line Item Invoice

The API Suite line item invoice has been updated to include an exchange rate field for each payment within a batch.



New Search Orders Feature

To improve the API Suite reporting functionality, a new set of query parameters have been added to the Get Orders endpoint that can be used to retrieve all orders between a specified date range. Date ranges are limited to 2 years worth of data or 10,000 records.

Payments with Third Party Remitters

The validation rule for payments with Third Party Remitter details has been updated:

  • For payments where the Third-Party Remitter is outside of United States (US), Canada (CA) or Mexico (MX), the stateOrProv and zipOrpostal fields are no longer required