API Suite - November 2022 Release Notes Summary

Summary of changes for the API Suite functional release for November 2022

Verbose Payment Search Capability - Prefunding model

A new parameter verbose has been added to Get All Payments requests. When a call is sent with verbose=true, the API response will return a list of full payment records instead of a condensed version. The parameter is optional and the default for is verbose=false.

Payments - Country Code Validations

When submitting a payment the following country fields will be validated against the ISO 3166 alpha-2 configuration. If a non-valid country is provided, the payment will not be accepted.

  1. beneficiary.countryCode
  2. thirdPartyRemitter.countryCode
  3. originatingFI.countryCode
  4. bankAccount.countryCode
  5. intermediateBank.countryCode

Payments - Canadian AML validations

To comply with The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), a payment address cannot contain a Postal Installation (PO Box). When submitting a CAML payment the following address fields will be validated. If the address contains a PO Box, the payment will not be accepted.

  1. beneficiary.address.line 1
  2. beneficiary.address.line 2
  3. beneficiary.address.line 3
  4. beneficiarybank.address.line 1
  5. beneficiarybank.address.line 2
  6. beneficiarybank.address.line 3
  7. thirdPartyRemitter.address.line 1
  8. thirdPartyRemitter.address.line 2
  9. thirdPartyRemitter.address.line 3

Payments - Currency Validations for Tunisian Dinar (TND)

When submitting a payment with the trade currency set to Tunisian Dinar (TND), the following beneficiary address fields will be validated. If the fields are not populated, the payment will not be accepted.

  1. beneficiary.address.line1
  2. beneficiary.city

Payments - Currency Validations for Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

When submitting a payment with the trade currency set to Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) the payment will not be accepted. The new replacement currency code SLE will be enabled in an upcoming release (TBD).

Payments - International ACH Transaction (IAT)

Non-US Originating Financial Institutions (OFI) can now send payments with Remittance Type set to International ACH Transaction (IAT). To submit a IAT payment, the following criteria is required;

  1. Partner is OFI enabled
  2. Third Party Remitter is located outside of the US
  3. OFI is located outside of the US
  4. Beneficiary is located in the US
  5. Payment Method is set to ACH
  6. Trade currency is set to USD

Webhooks - Notice of Change update

When a payment can not be applied to the beneficiary due to incorrect payment information a Notice of Change (NOC) webhook is created. The format of NOC webhooks has been enhanced to provide the payment field(s) that require to be updated, along with the the current and proposed payment information.

  "id": "8de00f86-5573-4bfc-9e6d-94b4682bc648",
  "eventType": "payment.statusChanged",
  "createdOnUTC": "2022-01-14T00:31:04Z",
  "summary": "A payment status has been changed.",
  "resource": {
    "id": "Test_Demo_Payment2",
    "customerId": "MPCPLD",
    "partnerReference": "",
    "status": "NoticeOfChange",
    "errorCode": "C07 - 11111, 22222, savings",

    "NOC" : {
        "nocCode" : "C07",
        "currentAccountNum" : "82951344",
        "proposedAccountNum" : "11111",
        "currentRoutingCode" : "053904483",
        "proposedRoutingCode" : "22222",
        "currentAccountType" : "checking",
        "proposedAccountType" : "savings"

    "createdOn": "2022-01-14T00:31:02Z",
    "lastUpdatedOn": "2022-01-14T00:31:02Z",
    "isDoddFrank": "False"