API Suite - October 2022 Release Notes Summary

Summary of changes for the API Suite functional release for October 2022

Verbose Payment Search Capability

A new parameter verbose has been added to Get All Payments in Batch requests. When a call is sent with verbose=true, the API response will return a list of full payment records instead of a condensed version. The parameter is optional and the default for is verbose=false. This parameter will also be added to the prefunding Get all Payments requests in the next release. Please see the sample usage below:

# GET /batches/:id/payments
curl https://masspay.api.westernunion.com/MassPayments/customers/customer_123/batches/batch_123/payments?dateFrom=2022-09-01&dateTo=2022-10-01&verbose=true

New Payment Search Endpoint

A new endpoint has been added that enables customers to search across all batches using date and status parameters. This can be combined with the newly added verbose parameter (outlined above) to easily perform payments-level reporting. You can view the specifications in the Get all Payments Across Batches request.

# GET /payments
curl https://masspay.api.westernunion.com/MassPayments/customers/customer_123/payments

Find-A-Bank - Unconnected BIC Warning

The Find-A-Bank (FAB) tool will now return a message that indicates whether a found BIC is unable to process wires. In this scenario, it is advised to either use a different BIC or add a correspondent bank that can serve as an intermediary to aid in processing the wire payment.

The following message has been added to the FAB API response in this scenario:

// POST /banks/searchbydetail response
"messageDetail": {
    "message": "This bank's SWIFT code cannot be used to process WIRE payments without a correspondent bank. Please contact your beneficiary to provide either a different bank, or add a correspondent bank to this beneficiary."

New Purpose of Payment Code Field

A new field has been introduced to the Add Payment API Request that is dedicated to capturing purpose of payment codes. To process certain currencies, a syntax-specific code is required and may be in addition to a purpose of payment description. You can consult the Payments Formatting Guidelines (PFG) document for a complete list of all Purpose of Payment Codes and applicable descriptions.

If a code is indicated in the guidelines, it is recommended to separate the code and descriptions into the following fields below:

// PUT /payment body
    "purposeOfPayment": "Sample description",
    "purposeOfPaymentCode": "Sample code"

Draft Currency Changes

Australian Dollar (AUD) can no longer be sent as a draft payment.