Quote Resource

The Quote resource contains rate details for all payments in a given batch. When a request to Quote a batch is received, all payments are aggregated by currency pair. Each pair is quoted using live rates and returned with trade amount, settlement amount, and conversion details.

Below are a list of the possible statuses for a quote resource.

Quote Status



Quote has been created


Quote has exceeded the 120 second timeout limit. A new quote must be generated


Quote has been used for booking an order

    "id": string,
    "customerId": string,
    "partnerReference": string,
    "expirationIntervalInSec": 0,
    "createdOn": string,
    "status": string,
    "lastUpdatedOn": string,
    "quotedItems": [
            "isDirectRate": true,
            "rate": 0,
            "rateInverted": 0,
            "decimalsDirect": 0,
            "decimalsIndirect": 0,
            "tradeAmount": 0,
            "settlementAmount": 0,
            "tradeCurrency": string,
            "settlementCurrency": string
//POST Holding Quote

    "customerId": "Customer_123",
    "partnerReference": "",
            "amount": 2500,
    "expirationIntervalInSec": 120,
    "createdOn": "2022-02-02T15:09:15Z",
    "status": "Created",
    "lastUpdatedOn": "2022-02-02T15:09:15Z",
    "quotedItems": [
            "isDirectRate": true,
            "rate": 1.2529,
            "rateInverted": 0.7981687898089171974522292994,
            "decimalsDirect": 4,
            "decimalsIndirect": 28,
            "tradeAmount": 10025,
            "settlementAmount": 12560,
            "tradeCurrency": "USD",
            "settlementCurrency": "CAD"