Batch Resource

Batches are the logical container used to submit collection of payments to Convera. Batch IDs must be unique across the Partner account.

Once a batch is created, payments can then be added to it. When a batch is quoted, all payments are aggregated by trade and settlement currency and a quote is provided for each pair. A collection of payments is committed by specifying the batchId in the Commit Payment Order request.

Once quoted and committed, a batch cannot be modified and a new batch must be created.

A single batch can hold up to 10 currency pairs. A single PUT request will accept either 10,000 payments, or 2Mb in size (whichever comes first).

  "id": string,
  "reference": string,
  "createdOn": string,
  "lastUpdatedOn": string,
  "numberOfReceivedPayments": 0,
  "numberOfAcceptedPayments": 0,
  "aggregateAmounts": [
      "isFixedOnSettlement": true,
      "currency": string,
      "settlementCurrency": string,
      "amount": 0,
      "settlementAmount": 0
    "reference": "Sample reference data"