API Model Overview

There are two main API models partners can use to make payments through: pre-funding and batch. While some of the endpoints in the Payments API can be used interchangeably between the models, such as the Find-A-Bank API, the core payment processing endpoints are not cross-compatible.

Prefunding Model

The prefunding model is used when a customer wants to either pre-purchase funds for disbursement of up to 90 days in the future, or to utilize a quote-first payments flow.

The prefunding model uses the following endpoints: Create Quote for Holding Order, Commit Holding Order, and Send Payment requests.


Batch Model

The batch model is for customers that want to submit single or multiple payment details up-front for validation, initiate a quote request on the submitted amounts, and commit all payments at once. This model supports payment processing in all 140+ currencies.

The batch model uses the following endpoints: Create new Batch , Add Payment to Batch , Create Quote for Payment Order , and Commit Payment Order .