Remittance Types

The Payments API allows the customer to pass a variety of different remittanceType values in the Add Payment API request body for US ACH payments. This field is optional and if left blank, Convera will choose the appropriate remittanceType to send with the creation of the NACHA file. The acceptable values and their definitions are below:

CCDCorporate Credit or Debit - used for standard B2B payments into a corporate accountUS domestic ACH. One addenda record, up to 80 characters using the payment.paymentReference field.

Valid only for beneficiary.type = Business and beneficiary.countryCode = US
CTXCorporate Trade Exchange - similar to CCD but allows additional remittance data to be passed with the payment to pay for multiple invoices or other use casesUS domestic ACH. Up to 9,999 addenda records each passed within the payment.remittanceData.ref fields. Each ref field may not exceed 80 characters, and multiple can be included (799,920 characters total).

Valid only for beneficiary.type = Business and beneficiary.countryCode = US and remittanceData is present with at least 1 ref element present.
PPDPrearranged Payment and Deposit entry - used for B2C payments into a consumer accountAddenda not supported.

Valid only for beneficiary.type = Individual and beneficiary.countryCode = US
IATInternational ACH transaction - payment is either coming from outside of the US or will be ultimately used outside of the USFull beneficiary address information required. One addenda supported up to 80 characters in payment.paymentReference field.

Valid only for beneficiary.countryCode != US or use of originatingFI payment models.


Specifying Correct Remittance Types

If an incompatible remittanceType is specified (e.g. IAT when the payment is not originating internationally), then the payment may be rejected.