Orders Resource

The Convera API uses orders in two contexts: Payment Orders and Holding Orders.

Payment Orders initiates a set of outgoing payments that can be either cross-currency or same currency. Once a batch with valid payments is committed, one Payment Order is generated for each unique settlement currency. Each order is assigned a unique order ID number that can be used to track the status of Payment Orders as they are disbursed from the batch.

Once a Payment Order is submitted, Convera will initiate the collection of settlement payments in accordance to the specified settlement method (ACH, wire, or drawDown). Order funding can be automated through an e-debit of the customer account, a Convera-initiated reverse wire, or a customer wire sent to our reconciliation department. We also support pre-funding FX accounts for payment settlement. Options for automation can be configured during partner and customer onboarding.

Holding Orders are used to purchase funds of different currencies into a holding account owned by Convera. These accounts can hold funds for anticipated payments for up to 90 days. After 90 days, the funds must be disbursed or withdrawn.

Both Payment Orders and Holding Orders have a set of defined statuses that indicate where the order is in workflow. Statuses can be retrieve either through webhook, or through a manual Get Order status request.

    "id": string,
    "customerId": string,
    "status": string,
    "settlementCurrency": string,
    "createdOn": string,
    "lastUpdatedOn": string,
    "partnerReference": string,
    "errorCode": string
    "settlements": [
            "settlementCurrency": "CAD",
            "settlementMethod": "Wire"
    "approverName": "Optional approver",
    "authorizationCode": "Optional authorization"