FAB Bank Directory Plus File

The table below contains definitions and examples of the SWIFT Bank Directory Plus fields used. The fields returned in the Find-a-Bank (FAB) response may differ to the field names below, to suit the API resource model.

Field NameDescriptionAlways Present?Format
MODIFICATION FLAGModification flag in delta files
A - addition
M - modification
D - deletion in full files
RECORD KEYUnique key of the record in the fileYesstring(12)
-DB - Domestic branch or department
-SB - Sub-domestic branch
-FB - Foreign branch
-SF - Sub-foreign branch
UC - Unclassified
PARENT OFFICE KEYIndicates RECORD KEY OF closest entity upwards in the entities hierarchy.

Ex. "HO" RECORD KEY if the entity is "DB", or the "FB" RECORD KEY if "SF"
HEAD OFFICE KEYIndicates RECORD KEY of the "HO - Head Office" in the entities hierarchyYesstring(12)
LEGAL TYPEIndicates the status of the entity in the legal hierarchy
L - Legal entity
B - Business entity
U - Unknown
LEGAL PARENT KEYLegal hierarchy included in Entity Plus product. This data is not maintained in the Bank Directory Plus, and is often same as the record keyYesstring(12)
GROUP TYPEType of entity identifying group:

This data comes from the SWIFT back office. Parent BIC is the BIC at the top of the SWIFT traffic hierarchy. This can be different than the legal ultimate parent that is available in Entity Plus
GROUP PARENT KEYRecord key of parent entity. Identifies set of entity records belonging to that group. Groups BICs and National ID records that belong to the same parent BICNostring(12)
INSTITUTION STATUSIndicates license status of the institution, if any:
BANK - Universal Bank
COOP - Cooperative Bank
CBMA - Central Bank/Monetary Authority
ASSM - Asset Manager
CORP - Corporates
CRUN - Credit Union
ICSD - International Central Securities Depository
INVM - Investment Bank
MONX - Money Exchange
NPAA - National Payment Association
PYMI - Payments Institution
SLBH - Savings-lending Bank Housing
SUFI - Supervised Financial Institution
XCHG - Exchange
OTHR - Other
COOPERATIVE GROUP KEYIf the record indicates a cooperative bank which belongs to a cooperative bank grouping, then this field indicates the RECORD KEY of the cooperative central bank for that group. Hierarchy in this case flows downward.

In the case of any such cooperative central bank, the value here is its own RECORD KEY. If the cooperative bank does not belong to a bank grouping, then field is empty.
ISO LEI CODEISO 17442 defines this Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Provided for entities that also have a BIC. The full list of LEIs can be found in the Reach Plus directory.Nostring(20)
BIC8BIC <party prefix, country, party suffix> where
-Party prefix - 4 characters
-Country code - 2 characters
-Party suffix - 2 characters
BRANCH BICBIC branch identifier associated with the 8-character BIC. If no ID exists, then 00 is usedNostring(3)
BICUnique BIC related to the institution from the BIC Directory 2018. Consists of:
-Party prefix - 4 characters
-Country code - 2 characters
-Party suffix - 2 characters
-Branch identifier - 3 characters, XXX for main office
CHIPS UIDCHIPS universal ID related to the institutionNostring(6)
NATIONAL IDNational identifier of the institution or branchNostring(15)
CONNECTED BICFor a BIC not connected to the SWIFT network. This is the connected BIC of the institution or of its correspondents through which it connects.Nostring(11)
INSTITUTION NAMEInstitution trading nameYesstring(105)
BRANCH INFORMATIONDerived from BIC Directory 2018. If blank in the directory and respective BIC is linked to a National ID where branch information is available, then it will be populated in the fileNostring(70)
POB NUMBERComma-separated field with POB number of the institution/branch and related ZIP code. Allows customer to use full POB addressNostring(35)
STREET ADDRESSFour sub-fields provide the building name, detailed building information, street name, and number. Order of this information depends on accepted practices for the particular country.Nostring(35)
CITYCity of institution/branchNostring(35)
CPSCounty, province, state, or other administrative region of the owner institution/branchNostring(90)
ZIP CODEZip code of the institution/branchNostring(15)
COUNTRY NAMECountry name of the institution/branch is indicated in ISO 3166Yesstring(70)
ISO COUNTRY CODEISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country of the institution/branchYesstring(2)
TIMEZONEBusiness party suffix informationNostring(1)
SUBTYPE INFORMATIONBusiness type of the entity. Subtype indicator is provided only for records with a BICNostring(4)
NETWORK CONNECTIVITYStatus of an entity's connection to SWIFT. Network connectivity is provided only for records containing a BICNostring(3)
BRANCH QUALIFIERSOperational type of the entity. Branch qualifiers are provided only for records containing a BIC. Field can contain up to 6 three-character branch qualifiers in alphabetical order.Nostring(35)
SERVICE CODESSWIFT FIN service codes (also called value-added service codes). Provided only for records containing a BIC. Can contain up to 20 three-character codes in alphabetical orderNostring(60)
SSI GROUP KEYIndicates which SSI Group the entity belongs to in the SSI Plus filesNostring(12)
IBAN KEYIdentifies the RECORD KEY in the IBANPLUS.txt file that contains the IBAN data for this entityNostring(12)
FIELD AContains future valid-from date of the whole record due to a change in its attributes in YYYYMMDD. Field is empty in the case record is valid at the date specified in the file name (publication date)Nostring(70)
FIELD BNational ID Type - name of the national code or name of the national code provider

National ID Type + /AN - AN stands for Alternative National ID Type. The banks/branches in a country can own National IDs issued by multiple authorities

National ID Type + /FN - FN stands for Foreign National ID Type. In some countries, banks have a National code issued by a foreign payment clearing service, such as a German bank that has a Swiss BC, indicated by BC/FN