Embedded Payments Solution Overview

General Embedded Payments Solution Overview

The Embedded Payments Solution allows you to integrate a micro front-end directly into your website, giving access to our supported payment methods and currencies. The fully responsive user interface adapts to the designated space on your website, offering users convenience and confidence as they complete their payment without leaving your website. End users can obtain a quote, review payment options, submit their payment information or required documents, and finalize their transactions or obtain instructions for payment. This integration, achieved by importing a JavaScript library through a CDN link, provides a seamless payment experience for your users.

Our Embedded Payments Solution seamlessly integrates with your website, offering a low friction checkout experience that can be customized to match your site's branding.

Enable your user to view and compare all supported payment methods and currency options on one screen.

Pre-populate payment details, such as fee type, amount, or user information to streamline the checkout process and reduce manual errors.

Finalize transaction or obtain instructions for payment

Embedded Payments Solution Security

The Embedded Payments Solution was built with security in mind. Each merchant at onboarding will be provided with a merchantID and merchantSecret that is unique to them. Each call must include valid merchant credentials, otherwise buyers will not be able to complete payment.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a comprehensive set of security controls designed to safeguard cardholder information and ensure the secure processing, transmission, and storage of payment data. Convera does not collect, process, or store cardholder data. Convera outsources this responsibility to a PCI DSS compliant third-party provider which handles card processing and transmitting of cardholder data securely. Convera annually undergoes a PCI audit performed by an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), for which the Attestation of Compliance (AoC) is available by request. As a client of Convera, your PCI responsibility would be to complete an annual PCI SAQ-A which is a self-assessment that declares understanding and adherence of relevant security practices to safeguard payment card data, even though processing activities are fully outsourced.