Draft Payments

Draft payments, also known as bank drafts, are supported via the API suite. As of time of writing, drafts are supported in 14 currencies and delivered via “draft-to-beneficiary”.

Draft Currencies
1. AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham8. HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
2. BHD – Bahraini Dinar9. JPY – Japanese Yen
3. CAD – Canadian Dollar10. KYD – Cayman Island Dollar
4. CHF – Swiss Franc11. MXN – Mexican Peso
5. EUR – Euro12. PHP – Philippine Peso
6. FJD – Fiji Dollar13. SGD – Singapore Dollar
7. USD – U.S. Dollar

Below are the conditions required to submit a draft payment using the API:

  1. Specify draft as the paymentMethod in the request payload
  2. Provide full beneficiary address along with other required payment fields
    a. address.line1, address.city, address.countryCode, and
    b. address.stateOrProv and address.zipOrPostal where applicable (e.g. USD, CAD, GBP)
  3. One draft payment is allowed per batch
    a. If a second payment is added to a batch with draft payments, or if a draft is added to an existing batch with other payments, the payment will not be accepted
  4. Beneficiary bank information is NOT required to submit draft payments