Buyer Fields

Buyer Fields Definitions and Types

Below are the definitions for the fields associated with the Buyer Fields Object.

Buyer Fields Entity

The Buyer Fields request returns a list of <field> objects that are defined for each clientId. All values within are configurable, including the lengths. Requestors should consume the metadata properties, such as minLength and maxLength to determine how to manage each field. Not all fields may be defined for each buyer field.

Field Object

Field NameDescriptionTypeFormat
clientIdClient ID configured under the partnerRequireddecimal(16,0)
labelTextDisplay text for buyer fieldSystemstring(255)
nameInternal name of buyer fieldSystemstring(255)
displayIndicates whether field should be displayed in the applicationSystemboolean
mandatoryIndicates whether field is considered required for processing receivableSystemboolean
descriptionBusiness-defined metadata about fieldSystemstring(255)
typeData typeSystemstring(20)
minLengthMinimum number of characters required to process fieldSystemdecimal(3,0)
maxLengthMaximum number of characters allowable in fieldSystemdecimal(3,0)
sequenceSequence order recommended to display fieldsSystemdecimal(2,0)
validationExpressionRegular expression validation for allowable field syntaxSystemstring(500)
valuesAllowable values for certain fields if indicatedSystemstring(255)