Payment Statuses

The payment status indicates where the payment is in the overall workflow. Payment status changes are automatically pushed to webhook endpoints, if subscribed, or can be retrieved manually through a Get Payment request.

Full tracking information for SWIFT payments can be obtained through the SWIFT Status API. View the SWIFT gpi Statuses page for more detailed documentation on specific status and reason codes.

Payment StatusDescriptionChangeable status vs Final status
CreatedFor batch payments, payment has been accepted as part of the batch, but the batch has not yet been committed. For prefunding payments, this is a committed status and no changes can be made. For Dodd-Frank payments, this status is displayed during the 35-minute hold window in which payments can be cancelled.Changeable status
ProcessingWe are actively processing the payments.Changeable status
OnHoldIndicates a payment has not progressed through workflow steps for more than 24 hours. Does not include payments that are unfunded.Changeable status
ReleasedPayment has been released to a beneficiary from the gateway, or draft has been printed and mailing initiated.Changeable status
RejectedPayment was rejected by our initial payment processor.Final status
ReturnedPayment was released by our payment processor but was returned by the beneficiary’s bank.Final status
ReleasedInProcessFor SWIFT payments. Indicates payment has been successfully released to a beneficiary from our gateway and is in transit.Changeable status
ReleasedNoLongerTraceableFor SWIFT payments. Indicates the payment is no longer traceable through the SWIFT gpi tracking network. This can occur when the payment reaches a processing institution that is not a member of the SWIFT network.Final Status
ReleasedPaymentRejectedFor SWIFT payments. Indicates the payment had been successfully released by our payment processor, but has been rejected prior to beneficiary credit.Final status
ReleasedPaymentCancelledFor SWIFT payments. Indicates payment has been cancelled or returned by the customer or beneficiary.Final status
ReleasedBeneficiaryAccountCreditedFor SWIFT payments. Indicates payment has been successfully applied to the beneficiary account as a credit.Final status
ProhibitedPayment has been prohibited from processing by Convera.Final status
CancelledPayment has been cancelled, or check has been voided.Final status
NotAcceptedPayment was not accepted by Convera due to a validation error. Errors are returned using the errorCode field stating the validation reason and field in error.Changeable status
NoticeOfChangeNotification from receiving bank to payment originator that previously valid payment instructions are outdated or require a change.Final status