Status Subscription

A Partner or Client system can choose to subscribe to a set of statuses they wish to be notified on. The partner service will then be invoked only if it subscribes to a specific status change. Following is a complete list of status available for subscription and notification on:

Status Name Report Status Name Description Payment Type
  DCC Card Payment Bank Transfer MCP Card Payment MCP Card Refund
AUTHORISEDAuthorisedCard transaction is authorised
AWAITING_ APPROVALDCC payment refund is awaiting approval.√†√* **
CANCELLEDCancelledDCC transaction cancelled or refund cancelled√†√*
CHARGEBACKChargebackDCC transaction charged back
REFUNDEDRefundedDCC transaction refunded successfully√**
REJECTEDRejectedDCC transaction rejected or refund rejected√†√*
SETTLEDSettledDCC transaction settled Partner/Client or refund settled back to card√†√*
SUSPENDEDSuspendedDCC transaction suspended
DECLINEDDeclinedDCC transaction declined
DEAL_ AUTHORISEDAuthorisedMCP transaction successfully authorised from PSP
DEAL_AWAITING_ PAYMENTAwaiting PaymentConvera is waiting for settlement from bank or student/payer√**
REVIEWAwaiting ReviewConvera is reviewing this transaction internally√**
DEAL_CANCELLEDCancelledMCP transaction cancelled√*
DEAL_ CHARGEBACKChargebackMCP transaction charged back√*
DEAL_DECLINEDDeclinedMCP transaction declined√*
DEAL_DISBURSEDClearedFunds have been settled to Client.√**
DEAL_EXPIREDExpiredQuote was made more than 10 days ago.√**
DEAL_OVERDUEOverdue72 hour quote period has expired.√**
DEAL_POSTEDPostedFunds have been received by Convera√**
DEAL_REJECTEDRejectedRefund rejected√**
DEAL_RETURNEDReturnedDeal returned√**
DEAL_SETTLEDSettledMCP transaction settled√*
DEAL_VOIDEDVoidDeal voided√**
REFUND_ APPROVEDRefund ApprovedRefund approved√**
REFUND_ REQUESTEDRefund RequestedRefund requested√**

*Client as MOR
**Convera as MOR
† Applies to DCC refunds only