Scheduling Payments

The payments API supports the ability for Partners to submit outgoing payments up to 90 days in advance for certain currencies.

Payment Eligibility

Outgoing payment must meet the following criteria to be eligible for future payments using the value date feature:

  1. Requested value date cannot exceed 90 days from time of commitment
  2. Outgoing payment must be in a supported holding currency (see currency capabilities for more information)
  3. Outgoing payment must be committed at least 5 days in advance of requested value date
  4. Settlement can occur in any supported inbound currency or method

Value Date Workflow

To submit an outgoing payment with a value date, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create a payment with requested date of delivery in the valueDate field
  2. Commit the payment following the guidelines above
  3. Fund the payment no later than the release date (complete settlement 1-3 days before value date depending on currency and payment method)

The releaseDate field is added to the payment record after commitment and successful sanction scan and can be viewed with a Get Payment request. If a payment with a requested value date is not released on the estimated release date, that payment will release upon successful payment and sanction scanning.


Meeting Value Date

To help provide accurate payment delivery by requested value date, it is important to fund the payment prior to the release date. This ensures the payment can complete standard operational workflow. Note: compliance findings, inquiries, or requests for more information may impact actual value date of payment.