SWIFT gpi Statuses

Transaction Status

Provides more details on the status in process.
Presence: [1..1]

RJCTRejectedPayment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation has been rejected.
ACSPAcceptedSettlementInProcessAll preceding checks such as technical validation and customer profile were successful and therefore the payment initiation has been accepted for execution.
ACCCAcceptedCreditSettlementCompletedSettlement on the creditor's account has been completed.

Transaction Status Reason

Contains optionally the reason for the status of a payment transaction.
Presence: [0..1]

G002CreditDebitNotConfirmedThe transaction processing cannot be completed the same day.
G004CreditPendingFundsCredit to the creditor's account is pending as status Originator is waiting for funds provided via a cover.
G000PaymentTransferredAndSLAMaintainedThe Status Originator transferred the Credit Transfer to the next Agent or to a Market Infrastructure maintaining the transaction's service obligations.
G001PaymentTransferredAndSLANoLongerMaintainedThe Status Originator transferred the Credit Transfer to the next Agent or to a Market Infrastructure where the transaction's service obligations may no longer be guaranteed.
G003CreditPendingDocumentsIn an FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer: Credit to creditor's account is pending receipt of required documents. The Status Originator has requested creditor to provide additional documentation.
AM06AmountTooLowBelow limit.
RC01BankIdentifierIncorrectBank identifier code specified in the message has an incorrect format (formerly IncorrectFormatForRoutingCode).
AC06BlockedAccountAccount specified is blocked, prohibiting posting of transactions against it.
AC04ClosedAccountNumberAccount number specified has been closed on the bank of account's books.
DUPLDuplicationPayment is a duplicate of another payment.
FOCRFollowingCancellationRequestReturn following a cancellation request.
BE01InconsistentWithEndCustomerIdentification of end customer is not consistent with associated account number. (formerly CreditorConsistency).
AC01IncorrectAccountNumberAccount number is invalid or missing.
RC08InvalidClearingSystemMemberIdentifierRouting code not valid for local clearing.
FF07InvalidPurposePurpose is missing or invalid.
G007MIPaymentTransferredThe payment of the (gpi) sending MI agent was transferred to the receiving MI agent.
G008MIPaymentTransferredAndReceivedThe payment of the (gpi) sending MI agent was transferred to and received by the receiving MI agent.
RR03MissingCreditorNameOrAddressSpecification of the creditor's name and/or address needed for regulatory requirements is insufficient or missing.
MS03NotSpecifiedReasonAgentGeneratedReason has not been specified by agent.
RR05RegulatoryInformationInvalidRegulatory or Central Bank Reporting information missing, incomplete or invalid.
CUSTRequestedByCustomerAt request of creditor.
NOASNoAnswerFromCustomerFailed to contact beneficiary.