Error Codes

Error Codes

The Convera API Suite uses a standardized list of error codes to help diagnose issues from data validation to payment processing.

API Error Codes

Below are the possible error codes that are returned in the HTTP response when submitting an API request.

While great care has been taken to reduce the number of unhandled exceptions, it is possible to encounter a scenario that does not have a specific error code associated with it. If you encounter this scenario, please contact the Convera customer support team so we can work to get the error resolved and associated with an error code.

Error CodeError DescriptionConditionsActions to Take
1000Generic web service errorAn unhandled exception has occurredResend request 2-3 times over a 5 minute interval. If issue persists, please contact the Convera customer support team
1001Access deniedClient certificate or API token cannot be verified, or a request has been made to unauthorized resourcesEnsure proper authorization is attached to request, or request access to resource
1003Required field validation errorA required data field was either not included or was passed with a null or empty string valuePopulate field indicated in error message e.g. 1003: paymentMethod
1004Conditional field validation errorA conditional field was either not included or was passed with a null or empty string valueRefer to the API Reference for more information on conditional field requirements
1005Input field value validation errorValue is outside the bounds of syntax or format validation e.g. specifying a string value in an amount fieldRefer to the API Reference for more information on field datatype and syntax expectations
1006Unexpected field submittedRequest contains a field that is not part of the API resource modelRemove fields not specified in the API resource model
1007Defined limit exceededLimit has been exceeded for resources with a maximum e.g. number of webhook endpointsDelete or update existing resources with desired information
1100Generic web service errorAn unhandled exception has occurredResend request 2-3 times over a 5 minute interval. If issue persists, please contact the Convera customer support team
1101Resource not foundA resource was requested but not foundEnsure resources are created in the API before attempting to utilize them
1102Invalid quoteQuote not generated for order commitEstablish a valid Quote ID before attempting to commit an order
1103Quote expiredPreviously generated quote ID has expired and must be regenerated prior to order commitRegenerate quote ID for order
1104Payment update not supportedAttempted update of payment that has been accepted as CreatedDelete payment from batch and create a new payment with requested updates
1105Payment cannot be cancelledAttempted deletion of payment in either status notAccepted or past Created statusPayments that have entered workflow cannot be cancelled via API and may be irrevocable. Please call Convera customer support for more information.
1107Customer cannot be foundCustomer is not registered with the Convera API Suite, or the provided customer ID is invalidRegister customer ID with Convera or provide valid customer ID
1108Each settlement currency may only be specified once when committing a batchA settlement currency is specified more than once in a commit batch requestRemove duplicate instances of settlement currencies in a commit batch request
1109Payment settlement currency cannot be determinedCustomer does not have a default settlement account assigned, or the settlement currency has not been specified in requestConfigure customer with default settlement currency, or provide settlement currency in request
1110Extra settlement currency provided when committing a batchA settlement currency not previously provided is now being specified when committing a batchEnsure payment settlement currencies match settlement currencies of batch commit
1111Insufficient holding balance for settlementCustomer is attempting to settle using a holding balance that cannot cover the cost of the transactionFund holding balance with additional funds, or change settlement method
1112Currency not supportedCurrency specified in the request is not supported by ConveraSpecify a currency supported by Convera.
1113Payments cannot be added to a committed or deleted batchAttempted addition of payments to a batch in Committed or Cancelled statusCreate a new batch for additional payments
1114Currency pair must be uniqueA quote is being requested for the same currency pair more than once in a single requestSubmit unique currency pairs in a request
1115Unsupported currency and payment method combinationPayment has been submitted with a currency and payment method combination that is not supported by ConveraSpecify a currency and payment method combination that is supported by Convera.
1116Payment method invalid or not supportedPayment method specified during payment submission is invalid or not supportedSpecify a valid payment method when submitting a payment
1117Remittance type invalid or not supportedRemittance type specified during payment submission was invalid or is not supportedSpecify a valid remittance type when submitting a payment
1118Remittance type mismatchRemittance type specified is supported, but may not be valid for specified payment currency, method, region, beneficiary type, or number of addenda recordsVerify the payment is utilizing the correct remittance type
1120Primary webhook cannot be deletedPrimary webhook cannot be deleted when multiple webhooks existDelete secondary webhooks before attempting to delete primary webhook
1206Batch is emptyAttempt to quote or commit an empty batchSubmit at least one valid payment before quoting and committing the batch
1207Amount is fixed on a currency that is inconsistent with similar paymentsA payment has a fixed amount specified that is different than others payments of the same currency pairEnsure all payments of a currency pair are submitted with a fixed amount, or none are submitted with a fixed amount
1209Total amount of the order exceeds the customers debit limitOrder booked that exceeds customers e-debit account limitChange settlement method, or change the order amount
1210Customer is not setup to use settlement methodSpecified settlement method not configured for customerChange settlement method or contact Convera for configuration
1211Minimum amount not metSpecified field does not meet required minimum amount for processing.Increase amount for processing or specify different currency.
1212Maximum limit exceededSpecified field exceeds allowed amount for payment method and currency combination.Specify a different amount, payment method, or currency.
1213Currency not holding enabledSpecified currency not supported as holding-enabledSpecify a different currency
1217Validation error when generating instructions for bankField format or contents validation error during workflowAddress failure reason or contact Convera customer support team for investigation
1218Error occurred when generating payment instructions for bankError occurred when generating payment instructions for bankContact Convera customer support team for investigation
1219Error occurred when committing the batchError occurred when committing the batchContact Convera customer support team for investigation
1222Error in FAB serviceInput field validation failed for requestEnsure FAB requests meet input field validation requirements
1223Invalid country codeCountry code does not adhere to ISO 3166 alpha-2 syntax or country is not supported.Ensure country code is valid and in the proper format.
1224Multiple payments added to batch where not allowedMore than one payment submitted in a Dodd-Frank or Draft payment batchCreate a new batch for additional payments
1225Payment is non-Dodd-Frank paymentAttempt to call disclosure API for a non-Dodd-Frank paymentSubmit a Dodd-Frank payment before submitting Disclosure request
1226Invalid SWIFT code formatSWIFT code provided is not either 8 or 11 characters alphanumericProvide a valid SWIFT code format
1229CAML payments can not include a Postal Installation.For payments into or out of Canada, PO Boxes are not allowed. Please see Canadian Payments for conditions.Remove PO box from any payment address fields.

NOC Codes

Notice of Change (NOC) codes indicated errors that have been generated by a receiving bank that are destined to the payment originator. These codes typically indicate that a portion of the requested bank information is now invalid and must be changed to prevent future payment rejections.

NOC CodeCode DescriptionCondition
C01Incorrect bank account numberIncorrect bank account number or format
C02Incorrect transit/routing numberOnce valid transit/routing number must be changed
C03Incorrect transit/routing number and bank account numberOnce valid transit/routing number must be changed and causes a change to bank account number structure
C05Incorrect payment codeEntry posted to demand account should contain savings payment codes or vice-versa
C06Incorrect bank account number and transit codeBank account number must be changed and payment code should indicate posting to another account type (demand/savings)
C07Incorrect transit/routing number, bank account number, and payment codeChanges required in three fields indicated

Return Codes

Return codes are given by the API when a payment encounters scenarios where the payment cannot be applied to the beneficiary account.

Return CodeCode Description
RTN01Account closed
RTN02No account or unable to locate account
RTN03Account number and beneficiary do not match
RTN04Invalid account number
RTN05Invalid beneficiary name
RTN06Beneficiary declined funds; unable to contact beneficiary
RTN07Beneficiary did not claim funds
RTN08Invalid or insufficient payment details
RTN09Invalid or insufficient beneficiary bank branch details
RTN10Invalid routing code
RTN11Invalid SWIFT code
RTN12Incorrect currency
RTN13Rejected per internal policy (Compliance)
RTN14Per recall request
RTN15Bank endorsement missing
RTN16Payment amount insufficient or minimum amount not met
RTN17Debits and credits not allowed
RTN18Other freeform reference included
RTN19No reason provided
RTN20BBK internal policy
RTN21Beneficiary deceased
RTN22Beneficiary reference needed
RTN23Blocked account
RTN24Correspondent bank internal policy
RTN25Duplicate payment
RTN26Foreign exchange relations
RTN27IBK details missing or incorrect
RTN28IBK internal policy
RTN29Only accepts SEPA payments
RTN31Per beneficiary request
RTN32Purpose of payment not provided or unclear
RTN34Remitter details
RTN35Stale dated draft